Wider Opportunities

Music lessons in Year 4 with Mr Wilson are really enjoyable.  Children have been learning how to play the guitar and now know how to play the notes E, B, G and A.  They have also learnt some great songs with actions that have taught us pace and rhythm. 

Check out this song:

Peas, Pudding, Hot (ouch)

Peas, Pudding, Cold (bbbbrrrrr)

Peas, Pudding in the pot, nine days old (yack)! 


We love Monday afternoons and cannot wait to learn something new on the guitar!

Year 4 Guitar

Year 4 Guitar 1
Year 4 Guitar 2
Year 4 Guitar 3
Year 4 Guitar 4
Year 4 Guitar 5
Year 4 Guitar 6
Youth Zone Assembly 23/1/19