Reception - Class RT

Welcome to class RT!



Reception T


Welcome to all of our children and their parents!

Reception staff are always here to help with any worries or concerns please come and see us just before school starts or at the end of the day.


Reception staff:

Class Teacher: Miss Hesford

Teaching and Learning Assistants: Mrs Gilchrist, Mrs Adam and Mrs Ashraf

PPA Cover: Ms. Ahmed and Mrs Harrison


Reception line up on the yard at 8.40am and are to be collected from the

classroom door at 3.00pm prompt.

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to a member of  

staff at the start or the end of the day.



Please can you ensure all items of your child’s uniform is labelled clearly. The children will be playing out every day, whatever the weather, so please make sure the children have appropriate clothing. If you would like your child to wear wellingtons then please send a clearly labelled pair into class.

For health and safety reasons jewellery is not allowed!


Homework Books

Your child will bring home a homework book. New homework will go home each Friday please return your child's homework book every Wednesday. Please try to spend some quality time together to complete the activities.


P.E. - Fridays

P.E. kit:

Your child will need:

A plain white T-Shirt, a black pair of shorts, black slip on or velcro pumps.

All clearly labelled and in a small pump bag.



In the Early Years at Cedars we learn our Phonics through Jolly Phonics.

There are plenty of resources and examples of how to say the sounds online.


Kindness Matters


This month we have been focusing on the Kindness Matters agenda.

The children and I have been talking about the importance of being kind and thinking of kind acts.
In class we have been spotting children being kind to each other.

Have you noticed your child being kind at home?
If so, write it down on a WOW sheet and send it into school so that we can celebrate it too!

We have been busy voting for our 'Kindness Champion'!

Results to be announced soon...



Well done Ayat for being voted the kindess person in our class!

Good Friends

We have been talking all about what it means to be a good friend - what does a good friend look like?