National Handwriting Day

National Handwriting Day is an unofficial holiday that celebrates and commemorates the practice of handwriting with a pen or pencil. This year, it was marked on the 23rd of January. While this day was invented during the 1970s, it is considered to be a day that is increasing in importance with the passing of each year. This is because the art of handwriting is gradually being lost as more and more people use computers, tablets and phones to email, instant message and text their thoughts, which is quite a shame because handwriting is believed to be as unique to a person as his or her fingerprint. At Cedars Primary School, we used this day as an opportunity to look closely at our handwriting and took part in several mini activities to raise awareness of the important of putting pen to paper. . 

Y6 spent the afternoon with children in Reception class. They began with a fun write dance session during which the younger children showed the older ones their funky moves. After that, they worked together to experienced mark making and cursive letter formation using various media such as large chalks. It was a fun session with the pupils in Y6 wanting to return again soon.

Year 3 practised forming their own signature.

Year 3 practised forming their own signature.  1
Year 3 practised forming their own signature.  2