Kindness MATTERS!

Kindness Matters Month

Kindness Matters Month 1

Day 1: Today’s Kindness Tip is… Don’t say mean words or use nasty gestures to other children.


What this means is we use kind words and actions to create a wave of kindness. We will discuss why this is a better choice to make. We will discuss how it feels when someone is being unkind and mean.


Day 2: Today's Kindness Tip is... why washing our hands after we’ve used the toilet is an act of kindness.


We will discuss about how not washing hands can make us poorly but also make others feel poorly too. We will also be discussing this in our science lessons linked with Fighting Fit! 💪


Hand washing top tip!

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Day 3: Our Kindness Tip today is wiping our feet (shoes) on the MAT, when we come inside after playing out.


Why is this an act of kindness? (Clue: think about what our shoes touch)


Day 4: Kindness Tip: No pushing in the line! Why is this an act of kindness?


What may happen if someone younger than you sees you pushing in?


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Day 5: Kindness CHALLENGE! Get up 30 minutes before everyone else in your house and tidy up! 


How will your family feel after realising what you have done? How would you feel seeing their reaction?


Day 6: Have you thanked a member of the community? This is anyone who is in your local area that makes it a brilliant place to be in. 


You could thank a police community support officer, the postal worker who delivers our post, the refuse collectors who empty our bins, the lollipop person who makes sure you cross the road safely, a litter picker keeping our streets safe and clean.





Thank You In Different Languages

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Day 7: Have you ever seen a bug house? An insect hotel? Maybe a bee hive? 


When we see a tiny, vulnerable insect on the floor, what do you think you SHOULD do? Remember the word EMPATHY. We learnt about this in RE with the Golden Rule:


"Treat others how you would like to be treated."


Let us use this rule next time we see an insect. 

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Day 8: Today's kindness tip is: SHARING IS CARING!

When we have someone new starting in our class, do you share your equipment, knowledge and your smile?


Let's think about these things, when we can!