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Welcome to 2HP's Home Learning Page!


Here you will find all that is needed for a smooth home learning experience.


All children should have received their copy of a home learning pack. Those that were in attendance this week have been told how to use the packs.


Below is an electronic copy should one be needed.


Here is a Home Learning Overview linked to the learning pack with links to use.

Here is a suggested timetable that can be followed to help support during these times. Please note these are just suggestions and you know your child best and how to best support and manage.
Picture 1

Click on the picture to take you to David Attenborough's World of Nature!

Why not find out about a gruesome part of history by watching the Horrible Histories series. Use the link below: 


Click on the picture to explore the ins and outs of the human body in a variety of eye-opening experiments.

Home School Learning


Please using the following page for home learning links:


Look at the reading section of the home learning pack. Children should complete an activity a day.

There is also an online ebook website for children to use linked with their home reading.

The website is: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/

Click on the pink class login button. There are no spaces and no uppercase characters.


 and click on 

The link below is a fantastic website with THOUSANDS of free ebooks at your fingertips with no login needed! So what are you waiting for? Get reading!




Look at the English section of the home learning pack. Children should complete a grammar/story activity a day. Children can use their homework books to write.

Next half term we will be looking at the story of Wind in The Willows.



Below are links to different versions of the film and a radio podcast of the story.


How are the versions different and same? Which did you enjoy? Why?

The Wind in the Willows (1995)

The Wind In The Willows (2006)


Super Sentence Stacking


To support your child with phonics, why not use the Cbeebies website on Alphablocks and watch the episodes. Below is a parent guide to help. Click on the picture:


Why not click on this link to play some fun, funky phonics games. Use all of the phases 2-6!



Username = march20  and the password = home


Look at the maths section of the home learning pack. Children should complete an activity a day. Children can use their homework books to write up any workings out if needed. Also in the home learning pack at the very back are practical activities to complete. Below is the grid for these.

Remember to complete your MyMaths activities too. Login are in the home reading records.



This half term our topic is Everyday Materials. Explore different materials that are seen in and around our homes and their characteristics (smooth, rough, waterproof etc).

There are Purple Mash activities to complete too. Please also research on this website:




Next half term is Living Things and Their Habitats.



There are Purple Mash activities to complete too. Please also research on this website:




This YouTube Channel is packed with videos about animals, plants, travel and technology, there's always something new to learn and explore!

Dr Chip’s daily dose of Science, Engineering and Computing

Dr Chip has different activities for each day (he has specially named each day of the week!).
If you think you will be interested in this, look ahead and look at the resources you will need.


Find out about seaside holidays from the past.

What is a seaside?

Where are the nearest seaside resorts?

What can objects tell us about seaside holidays?

Were seaside holidays the same in the past?


Use the links below to help:

1900s (Victorian Times)

1950s (When Magic Grandad Was a Boy)

2015 (Nowadays)




The Promenade - Magic Grandad

The Beach - Magic Grandad

Seaside Entertainment - Magic Grandad


Keep a weather diary. Compare what is happening during different parts of the day, week and month.


Why not investigate weather using some of these experiments. Click on the picture below:



This half term we have been looking at Spreadsheets.



There are activities children have been set on PurpleMash that children can complete to create a Farm Shop. This is saved in their My Work or 2HP folder.


Have a look at this link: https://cedarsprimaryschool.co.uk/pe-overview/ for PE ideas.



Number 1: The Body Coach is a very popular exercise channel on YouTube. There are always lots of 5 minute kids workouts for kids, however starting Monday The Body Coach is running a 9am exercise class / PE lesson which is highly recommended. Search 'the body coach' and you'll find it or use the link below:

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

Great for all ages but aimed primarily at Key Stage 1 40 seconds work | 20 seconds rest Marching On The Spot Star Jumps Low Sprint Shuffle Squats Climb The Rope

For a calmer PE session, use the Yoga for Kids link below.


Yoga for Kids (So Fun!)

Yoga for Kids

Creative Subjects: Art/DT

To help with these subjects, why not start a creative project using your children's choice and interest such as inventing a new machine, an art project, keep a diary, model making or even learning a new instrument! Maybe learn a new language. Look at the link below to learn British Sign Language!

Use this link to draw using your hand as an outline:


12 CUTE DRAWING TRICKS FOR KIDS DRAWING WITH KIDS Drawing is a very useful hobby and activity. It helps to concentrate and develops imagination and fine moto...

In DT, this term children have been designing and making a healthy salad. So how about getting the children to have a go at making their own salad. Encourage the use of the vocabulary, grate, cut, chop, slice, cube and taste.  CHALLENGE: Can the children then write a recipe for the salad?

Below is a link of some other DT ideas:





Music is an important tool to lift spirits and moods.  Why not sing sings together? Find things around the house to make instruments and create music.  Use the links below for ideas and inspiration. 

'Body Beats' - online body percussion session Tuesday 24/03/20

Learn Beginners British Sign Language (BSL) - Lesson One.

Join Natasha Lamb and Kelly-Ann for Episode One of a brand new series teaching beginners British Sign Language (BSL).