Lesson 1- Ways of travelling

We started the session with the game 'Opposites!' This was lots of fun as children tried to do the opposite of the instruction given! What a lot of giggles! We then worked in groups to create sequences using various ways of travelling using different body parts. The children were given the opportunity to develop strength by attempting to support their own body weight and move supporting body parts further away from each other. 

Today's challenge was to move supporting body parts away from each other whilst balancing in order to develop strength and balance. 

Star players: Hassan and fatima

Class score: 10! 


Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Counter balances and complex sequences 

Today's session gave children the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of counter balancing when working with a partner as well as extending their arms and legs when holding a balance within a sequence. 

Lesson 3- today we focused on performing rolls taking care with accuracy and technique.