E-Safety Update and Links


This page has lots of information about how to stay safe when using technology.  Please browse the links and share information with your children.  If you want any further support, please speak to your class teacher. 

During the Coronavirus it is important to keep yourself and your children physically and mentally safe. Technology is a wonderful thing but we must stay safe online.


Please find below some useful advice and links to help during these times of distancing and isolation:

Thinkuknow. An Introduction to Parents and Carers

Thinkuknow. Parent and carers guide to sharing images (Primary)

This video looks at why children like sharing pictures and videos, what the risks are, and what parents and carers can do to help their child share safely.

Criticism and Empathy Online

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Why not create a Family Online Agreement? Here is a template...

Why not create a Family Online Agreement?  Here is a template... 1

Online Safety Tips

Online Safety Tips 1
Online Safety Tips 2
Online Safety Tips 3
Online Safety Tips 4

Are you old enough?

Are you old enough? 1

Safer Internet Day 2020

Safer Internet Day 2020 1

This year, we will be taking part in Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 11th February.  The theme for this year is: Together For A Better Internet.  Children will be taking part in activities to explore identity online.  You can also take part at home, here is the website:



Why not have a look at this clip:





Anti Bullying Day

Anti Bullying Day 1

As part of Anti Bullying Week don't forget to wear your odd socks to school!


Mrs Vaisnys will be hosting a parent workshop about Esafety on Tuesday 12th November.  This workshop will cover:

•E-safety in the Computing Curriculum.
Reflect on the potential risks of internet use for children.
Be aware of the importance of communication with children about the time they spend online.
Understand how to find out about setting up parental controls on home and mobile devices.
Know what to do if your child encounters problems online.


Parenting in a Digital World

What age?

Do you know the age restrictions of games and apps?


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Cedars E-Safety Policy including Sexting and Breach Protocol 2018

Cyber bullying and E-safety Parent Leaflet

Fortnite Advice for Parents

Youtube Advice for Parents