Year 6FE

Welcome to Class 6FE (2017-2018)


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Miss Esat - Class Teacher

Mrs Mohmed - Teaching Assistant

Miss Khan - Support Teaching Assistant  


Children are given homework to complete on Wednesday and must be handed in on the following Wednesday. You will also have times tables and spellings to practise each week. Please complete homework that is given on Education City and My Maths.


PE Sessions are on Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure children have the correct PE kit.


Homework club is on a Wednesday morning: 8:15-8:45am


6FE Timetable

This table shows what we are getting up to this term. Please have a look to see how hard we will be working and what different skills we will be learning.


Children in Year 6 take SATS tests in English and Maths. SATs aren’t about passing or failing, but are used to reflect the level your child is working to. Children are well prepared for SATs throughout their school life, as teachers regularly carry out this type of assessment.

Here are a few Tips to support your child whilst he/she is taking their SATS.

1) Eating well, sleeping well and keeping active are really important parts of routine to help children learn and stop them from over-working and becoming exhausted.

2) Remember to reassure your children that you’ll be proud of them however they do.

3) Have something to look forward to and focus on AFTER the tests.

4) Support your child by regularly supporting them with their homework.




Class 6FE

*Homework Stars*



Raafay, Alisha and Isa have completed ALL of there homework set on Education city. Fantastic! You are Super Stars. Keep up the good work.


*6FE 100% Club*

Everyone wants to be part of the '100% Club' Well its simple... 100% Punctuality and Attendance allows you to be a proud member of the '100% club.' A HUGE GIGANTIC and ENORMOUS Congratulations to the children who have made it to 100% Punctuality and 100% Attendance. This is BRILLIANT.


Areesha, Abubahkr, Sawal, Isa, Umaymah, Rafi, Sulyman and Alisha

Well done, we are so proud of you, lets keep this up. 


In Class 6FE we love to read. Our reading corner is filled with brilliant books of all genres and many different Authors.

Here is our Reading Area


'Our Reading Area is comfortable and always has interesting books'

(Luqman Shah)





















'I love reading books about animals, its so interesting'

(Faye Green)

16/10/17, 3:00pm












'I wonder if I can read all these book by the end of the year'

(Soamia Mushtaq)

17/10/17, 11:50am













'My Favourite book is called Stick Man'

(Aman Khalid)

18/10/17, 12:50 pm

















We have been writing about 'peace' and what the word 'peace' means to everyone in Class 6FE. We did this as part of our Big Inspired Write.

Here is a display board with the children's work describing what peace is and what peace is not.



Following this we have also brightened up our corridor with a 'Peace' display of all our work.



Last week we had a day filled with fun, all about poems. We read poems, we wrote poems, we acted out poems, we even sang poems. We learnt poems are very special and have wonderful meanings.

These are the poems we created in our groups, which are now displayed in the corridor for everyone to see and read. Enjoy!





Class 6FE are reading a book called Holes written by Phillip Pullman

The children have read a few chapters of the book during English and have analysed them in  great detail. This week the children have been working hard on writing a Diary in the point of view of a character in the story. They first did a draft, then up leveled there own work, finally after it was perfected they wrote it in a dairy. 


The children are all hard at work, finishing their Diary's. 








Here are a few Diarys




Written by Arwa Laiba Chaurdy 


Written by Isa Bhajibhai 



Top - Written by Luqman Shah 

Bottom - Written by Aman Khalid 


Secret Garden 

After reading more of the story we discovered there is a secret garden in the story. We then used our imagination and designed our very own secret gardens. We worked in pairs to design the gardens on the laptops and then wrote a detailed description in our Big Inspired books.  

After completing our Detailed Description we used our Artist skills to turn the gardens into 3D pieces of Art work. 

The children are in the process of completing there master pieces.










Woohooo Class 6FE's Secret Gardens are all complete, Get ready to be amazed...

















Secret Gardens by 6FE

Welcome back 6FE 

After a week off school the children have come back to working hard really in Maths. This week we are focusing on 2D shapes and their properties. The children have used mathematical terms to describe in depth a 2D shape. Here are a few videos to show there work.... 




2D shapes

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Visit to the Library

The Library is a fascinating place, there are books of all genres and has the most interesting books. We are indeed very fortune to have a Library in Blackburn. The children walked from school to the Library. What a walk!

As we reached the Library there was a kind gentlemen that showed us how to take books from the library and shared with us some interesting facts. Later we were able to choose books from the children's area to take home. This was amazing which has encouraged children from 6FE to go to the library to read the most brilliant books.
















Children in Need Day

Today we had the privilege of welcoming a very special guest in our Friday Good News assembly. It was the...........




Well done and a BIG thank you to everyone for donating and doing your thing for this important day.









Class Assembly

I'm a Bully Get Me Out Of Here


Our Assembly is based on Bullying! We have used the TV programme 'I'm a celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' to help make our audience aware of Bullying.


The children have worked together as a team to put together an outstanding assembly, they were confident and really enjoyed themselves.





Well done 6FE, You have done a brilliant job.

Bullying Posters

Anti bullying week is to help make children and adults aware of the different types of bullying and their effects. The children have designed a poster in groups to analyse the importance of how bullying should STOP.

The posters are brilliant and have therefore brightened our corridor. This will allows other children and adults to learn from the posters.


Important, Important!

This week the school has received the most interesting and fascinating Email. The Email is from Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council. They have set us a CHALLENGE! Oooooooo we do like to take on a challenge. They would like for us to create a new ECO-School for 2025!

Watch this space!!!! Cedars will Create the most amazing ECO-School in the history of ECO-Schools!!!! Children it is time to turn ECO, we are going to be learning everything ECO!!

Please have a read of the Email.

Picture 1

Just when you thought 6FE can't get any more talented, we wow you again!


Here is the Acceptance of the challenge Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council challenged us with. All the children have made a birds eye view model of their ideal ECO school. 






Revision Tips


Practice makes perfect! The more you practice the more confident you become! Let's fill our class with confident mathematicians! 

Here are a few websites and images you can revise from to remind you how to do important calculations. - Multiplication Part 1 - Multiplication Part 2 

Bus Stop Method for Division 

Reminders of the Week

Reindeer Rumble takes place on Wednesday 20th December.

Children taking part in the Reindeer Rumble must wear appropriate clothing to be able to run and stay comfortable. 



KS2 SATS Meeting

Please attend the KS2 SATS Meeting on Wednesday 20th December 9:00am or 3:15pm. This meeting is held to inform everyone about the KS2 assessments that will take place in May. 

Here are the CGP Revision Guides Maths and English for a reduced price.



Christmas Party on Thursday 21st December

Christmas is fast approaching and there is no other way to celebrate the children's hard work than a lovely Christmas Party.

Children may bring in some Party food and snacks to share with the class. 











Angle Facts 

We are learning everything about angles! There are a few rules that will make it much easier to calculate angles. The following picture will give you the essential angle facts. 



The children have worked really hard on writing the best Journals. A lot of skills have been put into the journals. Fantastic pieces of work. 

Here are a few of the children's work.



Written by Sawal Hussain

Written by Sawal Hussain 1

Written by Sophina Hussain

Written by Sophina Hussain  1

Written by Raafay Ali

Written by Raafay Ali 1

Written by Umaymah Patel

Written by Umaymah Patel  1

Written by Rayyan Arfan

Written by Rayyan Arfan  1

Non-Chronological Report 

6FE have been really busy. The children have been working hard towards there reports which are written to advise about a new ECO- School.

Here are some of the children's work. 



Written by Isa Bajibhai

Written by Isa Bajibhai  1

Written by Sadia Badat

Written by Sadia Badat  1

Sport Club 6FE January 2018

Sport Club 6FE January 2018 1
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 2
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 3
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 4
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 5
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 6
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 7
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 8
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 9
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 10
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 11
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 12
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 13
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 14
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 15
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 16
Sport Club 6FE January 2018 17

Written by Sulayman Asvat

Written by Sulayman Asvat  1

Written by Arwa Choudhry

Written by Arwa Choudhry  1

Reading Stamina in 6FE - Love to Read

Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  1
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  2
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  3
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  4
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  5
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  6
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  7
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  8
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  9
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  10
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  11
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  12
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  13
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  14
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  15
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  16
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  17
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  18
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  19
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  20
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  21
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  22
Reading Stamina  in 6FE - Love to Read  23

Sports School

We are very lucky to have the privilege of 'Sports School' to attend our school and teach us dance skills. This week we had our first lesson by Sports School, creating a 1950's dance linked to the movie 'Grease.'This was a amazing fun lesson, in which we learned so many new moves, skills and recognised rhythm. Here are a few pictures to show you our lesson in action.

Lights, Camera, DANCE......


Take a look at what we're doing this term!