Year 6EP


Set today (23/02/18) Just a quick reminder!

It is due Thursday 1st March!


On top of our usual MyMaths and Education City homework...

Homework has been set in our CGP revision guides. This needs to be completed for 25/01/18 ( next Thursday)


Maths CGP 

Section 6

-2D shapes pg66-67

-3D shapes pg68-69

- Coordinates pg70-71

-Reflection and translation pg72-74


English CGP

Section 1

-Nouns pg2

- Singular and plural nouns pg3

-Types of noun pg4-5


If you are finding it hard to complete your homework, please be aware that:

Ms Patel has homework club Monday-Wednesday at 8:15-8:45

Miss Philbin will be available on Thursday and Friday 8:15-8:45.

Role-play in English


Today we have taken part in some exciting role-play. We began the session by doing Miss Philbin's warm up 'Down by the river', then some improvisation. After than, we did some hot seating for Martin Luther King. We selected some questions to ask him and worked closely with our success criteria to create exciting writing to help us with our biography APP.

Our hero

We have been having lots of discussion recently about heros and what makes a hero. After re-capping the features of a biography we have identified Martin Luther King to be a hero of ours.


These are our reasons for him to be our hero:


These are the questions that we would like to ask him:

Half term treat

Congratulations to all of the children in 6EP for working exceptionally hard this half term... there were lots of raffle tickets to choose from. Well done to Lyba, Umme-Habiba, Muhammad A, Aresha, Awais and Aliyah for winning this half terms raffle prizes.


Keep up the good work next term!


Set today (09/02/18) Just a quick reminder!

It is due Thursday 1st March!


On top of our usual MyMaths and Education City homework...

Homework has been set in our CGP revision guides. This needs to be completed for 25/01/18 ( next Thursday)


Maths CGP 

Section 1

- Decimals pg11 and 12

Section 2

- Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000 pg20 and 21

Section 4

- Percentage problems pg44 and 45


English CGP

Section 6

- Word families pg51

- Prefixes pg52 and 53

- Suffixes pg54 and 55


If you are finding it hard to complete your homework, please be aware that:

Ms Patel has homework club Monday-Wednesday at 8:15-8:45

Miss Philbin will be available on Thursday and Friday 8:15-8:45.

Treat week - dodgeball!!


Creating decorations

Today we have created a work of art for our whole school reading area. We have book reviews for our favourite books and these will be hung on the balcony to help isnpire children to choose interesting books.


Budding artists!

We have ended our research on Charles Dickens by typing up his biography and drawing a portrait of him. There were some absolutely fabulous drawings of him! Take a look at them...



Set today (26/01/18) Just a quick reminder!


On top of our usual MyMaths and Education City homework...

Homework has been set in our CGP revision guides. This needs to be completed for 01/02/18 ( next Thursday)


Maths CGP 

Section 3

- Dividing fractions pg35

- Equivalent fractions and decimals pg36-37

- Percentages pg38-39


English CGP

Section 4

- Past tense with 'have' pg42

- Verbs with 'ing' pg43

Section 2

- Phrases pg22-23


If you are finding it hard to complete your homework, please be aware that:

Ms Patel has homework club Monday-Wednesday at 8:15-8:45

Miss Philbin will be available on Thursday and Friday 8:15-8:45.


On Tuesday 30th January the children in years 5 and 6 took part in a Read-a-thon to help instill a real love of reading at Cedars. Each classroom took on a different genre (6EP's genre was Action and Adventure). Take a look at our 'Secret Garden' inspired door which helped set the scene...



We all had a fantastic day. Take a look at our video to show you what we got up to!


Still image for this video
The children in years 5 and 6 took part in a very exciting read-a-thon this week. We each chose a book at our level for: Action and Adventure, Poetry, Suspense, Biography and Fiction. We had to use our Reading Stamina (a skill that we have all been working on) as well as complete a short task influenced by the genre. In the afternoon we were had a 'Distraction Hour' where we had to try our hardest to keep focussed when reading... this was very difficult when Mrs Truman and Mrs Leak came into class playing guitars (but, we still managed). Here are some photographs from our fun day stepping into many exciting and gripping books - what a super day!!

Biography writing

This term we have been learning all about biographies. This week we have been writing Charles Dicken's biography using our research to help us. Here are a couple of our great examples.

by Kristian

by Aminah


Set today (26/01/18) Just a quick reminder!


On top of our usual MyMaths and Education City homework...

Homework has been set in our CGP revision guides. This needs to be completed for 01/02/18 ( next Thursday)


Maths CGP 

Section 3

- Multiplying fractions pg32

- Adding and subtracting fractions pg33 and 34


English CGP

Section 3

- Co-ordinating conjunctions pg32

- Subordinating conjunctions pg33

- Prepositions pg34 and 35


If you are finding it hard to complete your homework, please be aware that:

Ms Patel has homework club Monday-Wednesday at 8:15-8:45

Miss Philbin will be available on Thursday and Friday 8:15-8:45.

60's Dance


6EP are working incredibly hard within Netball. Their team skills are really improving!

Excellent work 6EP!!



Set today (19/01/18) Just a quick reminder!


On top of our usual MyMaths and Education City homework...

Homework has been set in our CGP revision guides. This needs to be completed for 25/01/18 ( next Thursday)


Maths CGP 

Section 3

- Mixed numbers and improper fractions pg28 and 29

- Comparing fractions pg30 and 31


English CGP

Section 4

- Subject and object pg38

- Active and passive voice pg39

- Past, present and future tenses pg40


If you are finding it hard to complete your homework, please be aware that:

Ms Patel has homework club Monday-Wednesday at 8:15-8:45

Miss Philbin will be available on Thursday and Friday 8:15-8:45.

Football Skills treat session

Sports School

This term we are very lucky and have a Miss Field's from Sports School to lead our dance lessons. We started the term by looking at 50's dancing. We created and follwed a dance to 'Grease Lightning' - it was so much fun!! Not only did 6EP have a great time.. Miss Philbin and Ms Patel got involved too!!


Grease is the word!

Still image for this video
Half of the class dancing to a well known song from Grease.

Researching Charles Dickens

During our English lesson we got out the laptops and began researching Charles Dickens, which will help us write our Biographies for him.




In English this term we are going to be looking at writing our own Biography on Charles Dickens. To begin this unit of work we first recapped what a Biography is and the features that we find within a Biography. Today we looked at a variety of Biographies: Ed Sheeran, Gandhi and Usain Bolt. Take a look at our working wall to see our progress.




These biographies will help us when we begin to research Charles Dickens as we know what style we will be writing in.

Reading Stamina comments

Reading Stamina comments 1
Reading Stamina comments 2

Traffic lights are GO

We have started a new behaviour system at Cedars - the traffic light system.

Each day we begin on Green (positive behaviour) our aim is to remain on Green all day. Throughout the week Miss Philbin and Ms Patel will be looking out for a child that displays all five of our Cedars values, proving them to be a real asset - not only to 6EP, but Cedars as a whole. This child will be placed on our golden star and will be able to enjoy 'Tea with Truman' on Friday afternoon! How exciting!!

A treat for exceptional behaviour...

Throughout this term, Miss Philbin and Ms Patel have identified children that have been working particularly hard and have been handing out lots of raffle tickets!!


On our last day, Miss Philbin set up a table FULL of prizes to choose from. Each term, Miss Philbin chooses at least six lucky children from our jar of good choices. Here is a photograph of the children identified this term.


A number of children commented on how they chose their treat for a friend or family member as a christmas present! (Miss Philbin was very impressed by this act of kindness)


Merry Christmas 6EP and a very Happy New Year!

Christmas Homework

Just a quick reminder!


On top of our usual MyMaths and Education City homework...

Homework has been set in our CGP revision guides. This needs to be completed for 11/01/18 (the first Thursday back)


Maths CGP 

Section 2: Written Adding and Subtracting, Written Multiplication, Written Division.

Section 6: Angles.


English CGP

Section 6: Synonyms and Antonyms.


A Christmas Wish


As a treat for working so hard all term, the children have been awarded a treat morning on our last day of term 21/12/17. The children in 6EP have decided to spend their morning watching 'Billionaire Boy' (one of our favourite books in Miss Philbin's reading area!)


PE with Mrs Sebborn

Still image for this video
For our last session of the term we completed balances using the apparatus in the hall. We all had a fabulous time!!

Take a look at some of our balances on the equipment!




Reindeer Rumble!

Today was the remarkable Reindeer Rumble - a race in order to raise as much money as possible for St Catherine's Hospice. Despite the rain, we were all able to race for charity and have lots of fun in the process. Well done to the children in 6EP for taking part!


We stood by the race, cheered on the participants and held our signs up to show our support.



Well done to Muhammad M and Muhammad A for setting the pace for our younger participants.



Well done Adam and Lyba for  giving it your all in the race.



A massive well done to all of us that took part! You're all super stars!!

Unwanted Visitors...

Over the weekend we have had some unwanted visitors in our school... in the form of Reindeers! Sources tell us that Santa's Reindeers came to visit Cedars to cheer on the children for their Reindeer Rumble race for charity (which was cancelled due to the weather)... however, they were late and were left alone in our school over the weekend.


When Miss Philbin came into class Monday morning, her reading area was a complete mess...



Take a look at our CCTV footage to see the evidence.

Reindeers Rumbling at Cedars Primary School

Still image for this video

Christmas joy in 6EP

We spent some time this lovely Friday afternoon completing Christmas cards for our loved ones (if you're lucky you might receive one!) We used wellbeing christmas colouring sheets. Miss Philbin spotted some with arabic on too so they can be appreciated by those of us who speak Urdu.


These cards will be given out on our last day of school before we break up for the Christmas Holidays (Thursday 21st December)

Christmas Jumper Day

As it is Christmas Jumper Day, the children in 6EP have really enjoyed designing our own Christmas Jumpers (as well as wearing them) to support the great cause.


Oliver Twist

In 6EP we have been looking at Charles Dicken's Oliver Twist.

We have been doing lots of 'Book Talk' and using new words in our writing.

At the end of the week we watched a clip from the film (Where Oliver asks for more). We discussed 'Gruel' and how disgusting it would have been compared to what we have now. Take a look at our descriptions!


By Hassan

Reading Stamina

Reading Stamina 1
Reading Stamina 2
Reading Stamina 3
Reading Stamina 4

In class 6EP we have been working on our Reading Stamina (focussed reading time) Reading Stamina is a child's ability to focus and read independently for long periods of time without being distracted or without distracting others. We love taking it in turns to sit in our cozy reading area!

Cedars Advert

Still image for this video
Today, we have had the chance to complete a further two adverts for our school! Miss Philbin has helped us put them together using our story board plans and scripts. We believe that Cedars is a special place and we feel as if we are at home here. We want to show everyone how great our school is and give others some information about it.

Cedars Advert

Still image for this video

Maths revision

Still image for this video
6EP have been really struggling with: Mean, Median, Mode and Range in our Maths Reasoning papers!
We have therefore created some revision videos to help us. We have memorised a rhyme and it's sure to help us remember the method for these types of questions!

Lighthouse Newsround

Still image for this video
To check that we have written in the correct style for our newspapers, the children in 6EP have performed extracts of their report in the style of Newsround. Enjoy!

Changes to our reading area!

Over the weekend, Miss Philbin, has re-covered a seat for our reading area. This cozy seat can be used when we want to relax and read with a book - or during lesson time if we are well behaved and working hard. Inside the seat are all of our wet play and golden time games!

As we are enthusiastic readers in 6EP we have completed not one... but two of our reading trees! (Each leaf contains a book review after a child has completed a book) Mrs Patel has created vines that run across the classroom to show which season we completed reading our books... the Autumn branch is nearly full. Who will be the first person to get onto our Winter branch?!


6EP have read over 100 books so far - you're doing an excellent job. Keep it up!

The first of our Cedars Adverts

Still image for this video
In ICT the children in 6EP have been planning our adverts for Cedars Primary School. We began by researching adverts and what makes them successful. Following this, we got our 'reporting heads' on, as we looked at our new school - paying particular interest in what makes our school so special. After this, we wrote our own story boards (to help us with filming) and wrote a detailed script for us to follow. Over the next few weeks, Miss Philbin will film our adverts and put them on the class page for all to see. Here is our first advert - well done to Areebah, Aryaan, Umme-Habiba and Lyba!

A homework star!

Designing our own eco-schools!

As part of our APP we were given the task of creating our very own eco-schools. We used recycled materials: cardboard, tissue paper, card, straws etc

After creating our own eco-schools in our groups, we presented these ideas to class, before writing up plans for our non-chronological report.


Here are some pictures of us creating our eco-schools!


Here is Areeba, Muhammad and Shazad's eco-school! They were very particular about their garden and play ground area.


Here is Muhammad, Aresha, Zaynah and Alina's eco-school. They took lots of care in creating four very different areas for their eco-school. They even created their own retractable roof - complete with solar panels as a source of electricity and heat for the school building.


Here is Aminah, Umme-Habiba, Nabihah, Zara and Aryaan's eco-school. They created a very detailed plan - paying particular attention to the canteen area! They have chosen to use their 'home grown' fruit and vegetables for our school meals.


Here is Lyba, Asma, Hasan and Adam's eco-school. They were very enthusiastic about including animals in their plan and a vegetable patch.


Here is Areebah, Aliyah, Juwairah and Kristian's eco-school. They designed their own water well and eco-wall paper!


We will pass these ideas onto Miss Patel in 6HP... maybe we could use some of these ideas to make Cedars more eco!


What we're up to this term...

Read all about it!

This term we have been focussing on writing our very own newspaper reports - using the Literacy Shed's 'The Lighthouse' as stimulus. After our assessment week we will re-visit these reports, fix and edit them using class teacher and peer feedback, before presenting them as a newspaper report.


Here is a fabulous newspaper example from Areeba!



On Friday 24th November, class 6EP prepared speeches to become a member of the eco-council at Cedars.


Out of ten children performing their speeches to class, Zaynah won the vote with her excellent speech. Zaynah presented herself well and spoke confidently. We used our British Values and democratically voted for who we wanted to represent 6EP.


Here is Zaynah's eco-warrior speech.



Well done Zaynah, you will be an excellent representative of 6EP.


Read all about it!

Still image for this video
The children in 6EP have been doing Dance in our Autumn term and here is the result. They have been dancing to 'Read all about it'. These emotional collaborations perfectly represent the everyday struggles and support around the world. Well done 6EP.

Our letters to Mrs Truman

The children in class 6EP have been writing formal letters to Mrs Truman, regarding Bullying at Cedars. We have commented on our past experiences and discussed what we can do to prevent any bullying that might take place.

We have added two of our fantastic letters to the anti-bullying display in the hall.

Well done to Aresha and Aliyah for producing some excellent formal letters.

We have come up with some fabulous ideas on how to prevent bullying. In 6EP we are determined for bullying not to be an issue at Cedars.


STOP bullying!

To conclude our anti-bullying week we have been discussing what changes we could make to Cedards to help prevent bullying. The children in 6EP came up with some fabulous ideas. On Monday we will review these ideas and complete a formal letter to Mrs Truman to inform her of our ideas.


A maths star!

This week we have been working on our long multiplication skills - in particular the formal method.

All of the children in 6EP have worked incredibly hard this week as multiplication can be quite challenging.


Anti-bullying week!


In 6EP we have had a lengthy discussion on what makes a good friend and recognising right from wrong. In our PSCHE lesson we watched a clip from Pixar’s ‘For the Birds’ and thought about what we would do in their scenario.

We decided that if we were the small birds we should speak to the big bird and inform him of the thin wire and how it can only take a few of us if it is to stay balanced - we would then come up with some suggestions on how to improve the situation e.g. half of the birds on one side and half on another to make room for the big bird. We decided that it is best to be kind and treat everyone the same, regardless of our differences.


Our work on ‘For the Birds’ is now on the anti-bullying display in the Main Hall. Please take a some time to read some of 6EP’s words of wisdom for the birds.

Our trip to the Library

The children in Year Six took a trip to Blackburn library to meet with the Librarians, get a Library card and choose a book to take home.


We all had a lovely time and learnt about how where to locate all of the different bookes and how to sign them out in our names using the library card.



A special visitor

We had a special visitor from PUDSEY bear this week.

As it is Children in Need week we have been doing lots of different activities (including a non-uniform day) to help raise money for Children in Need around the world.



A massive thank you to BBC Radio Lancashire and Pudsey for coming to visit our school.

A star in our midst

The Lighthouse!

We have started a new topic in English for our second term! Having already written about, 'The Secret Garden' (a classical text) and 'Monster House' (a film with speech), we are now looking at 'The Lighthouse' (a silent short film)


In our first lesson, the children were given eight images to order (before watching the clip). We had to predict what we thought was happening in the images.



Throughout the term, we are going to be doing lots of research as to what happened to the Lighthouse and create a journalistic article about what happened on the night that the Lighthouse was turned off!


3D Shape

Still image for this video
Thursday 9th November! Today class 6EP have been looking at 3D shapes. We have each created a revision video for a different 3D shapes. I am really impressed with how everyones confidence has grown!

Miss Philbin.

2D Shape

We have really enjoyed using green screen to create our shape 2D video's. We have displayed a range of knowledge and loved the challenge!


Remember to keep checking our working wall for our vocab!

6EP 2D shape

Still image for this video
Today we have been looking at 2D shapes and their properties. Each table group has created a short revision clip to help us with our SAT's.

A Halloween TREAT

We all had a fabulous time on Friday afternoon! As a congratulations for having 100% attendance and attainment the children in 6EP were awarded a 'treat' - we had a vote and decided to have a class party and non-uniform day.


The afternoon started with the children finishing 'Monster House' whilst feasting on our buffet! (Many thanks to everyone that brought in tasty treats for us all! We especially enjoyed the samosas!!)


We played musical chairs!


A massive congratulations to our winner... Lyba for being quick on her feet!

Lyba chose a prize from Miss Philbin's treasure box!


We played musical bumps!


A massive congratulations to Aryaan for winning our class challenge of musical bumps!


We played musical statues!


It was extremely difficult to choose a winner for musical statues... however, after some determination, Adam won. Adam showcased some excellent dance moves and was the perfect statue!


During the latter part of the afternoon we went outside to enjoy the wonderful weather. We took this opportunity to take our very first class photograph! (We're a scary bunch!!)



We got a little competetive playing girls vs boys dodge ball. Pictured bellow is Aresha taking a shot at the boys! Before going back inside we had a quick game of football!



At the end of the day we did our prize draw. Throughout the term, the children in 6EP have been awarded raffle tickets for their excellent behaviour, team work, working independently, showing improvement in their work, reading and the completion of homework! Pictured bellow are the children that won in our prize draw.



Our table of the term was.... YELLOW table. As a congratulations, these children were awarded a goodybag with a range of prizes inside. When we come back after half term we will begin our raffle ticket prize and table competition again!


We had such a wonderful last day before we broke up for our half term. If we want more afternoons like this we need to make sure we achieve 100% attendence and attainment as well as impressing our teachers with fantastic work and homework! The children in 6EP are determined and will try our best to achieve this next term!

6EP's Monster House

Still image for this video
Miss Philbin has downloaded the opening Monster House sequence and has chosen three children in the class to read their work along side it. A very well done to Shazad Shah, Umme-Habiba Jahangir and Zara Geloo for producing fabulous work this week. We are working on improving our confidence with reading aloud and you've all done a super job!

Half term homework!

6EP - Please make sure that you are completing your homework this half term. Remember, you all have a whole week off so you have plenty of time to complete it.


1) Read at home with an adult/sibling.

Make sure that they are signing your Home Reading Journal. If you finish your book, please feel free to read a book from home (you can still write this down in your journal)


2) MyMaths

If you haven't already completed your 17 pieces of MyMaths homework, please have a go at completing them for when we come back as we will soon update it with additional activities for next term!


3) Spellings

Please revise your spellings ready for the first week back. Remember, we test spellings on a Friday.


4) Topic

If you haven't already completed your 9 pieces of Topic homework on 'Early Islamic Civilisation' please do so over the half term.



5) Halloween Booklet

I have compiled a Halloween inspired booklet, complete with a Reading Comprehension, Poetry and more. I would like you to have completed the comprehension (at least) ready for conferencing the first Friday back after half term.



I will be awarding tokens and beads for the children that produce the most homework - taking into consideration the quality (you know my expectations!)


I hope you all have a lovely half term. Keep safe! I look forward to seeing you on Monday 6th November!


Miss Philbin.

Another congratulations

The children in 6EP have been working incredibly hard this term and have not only been impressing Miss Philbin and Mrs Patel - they have also impressed Mrs Truman and Mrs Leak. We have been setting a good example for the rest of the school by having excellent punctuality and attendence, as well as showing enthusiasm and passion with our reading and writing. As a thank you from all of the Teachers and TLA's at Cedars, 6EP have been awarded a non-uniform day and class party on the last day of term (Friday 27th October 2017)



We have decorated our classroom door ready for our Halloween inspired party tomorrow afternoon. Well done 6EP! Here's to many more treats next term!!


This week we have been using and applying subtraction in a range of calculations.

We have really challenged ourselves with missing number calculations and subtraction with decimals.



6EP have really enjoyed doing Science with Mrs Sebborn on a Tuesday afternoon. We have been doing lots of experiments! Take a look at some of our photographs!



We have been looking at 'Reversible and Irreversible Changes'.

We particularly enjoyed cooking an egg and burning different materials!

Thank you Mrs Sebborn

Monster House

As 6EP have been working incredibly hard with their writing this term, Miss Philbin introduced 'Monster House' into the final week as it is the week before Halloween (and the last week before we break up for half term!)


The work produced this week has been phenomenal!! Our best writing so far - by far!!


We began the week by watching the opening scene of Monster House - after watching this short three minute sequence, we then discussed the two characters: the girl (some children refered to her as Emily, some chose her name to be Jennifer) and an elderly gentleman. After our discussions, we wrote character detailed character descriptions for each of the characters before moving on to describe the haunted house!


Take a look at some amazing examples of our work!!


By Aminah


By Juwairah


By Awais


All of the childen in 6EP have produced amazing work this week, however, Miss Philbins star of the week this week is Areebah with this fantastic piece of writing. Areebah has worked well in her Orange Group and has produced some excellent independent work. I am really proud of you Areebah! Keep up the good work!



Our Secret Gardens!

Still image for this video
The children in class 6EP created our own gardens this week. Having read further on in the book, we discovered that Mary (the main character) makes some big changes to the garden as it was overgrown and unhealthy. We worked together in our English groups to create our own gardens, asking ourselves what we would do if we could do anything at all to improve it! In this video Zaynah, Areebah and Aresha read their own versions of the Secret Garden (disussing the changes that they have made!)


Still image for this video
Aresha's Secret Garden.


Still image for this video
Areebah's Secret Garden.

A Massive Congratulations!

Mrs Truman and Mrs Leak came into 6EP today to congratulate us on not one thing... but THREE things!!


1) We have had 100% attainment this week (everyone has come into school on time)

2) We have had 100% attendence this week!

3) We have been awarded a Cedars first... a Head Teacher Award!!


We have been awarded the Head Teacher Award for our exceptional writing. Both Mrs Truman and Mrs Leak have taken time to read our Secret Garden APP's and were amazed!



This certificate is displayed outside of our classroom in the Year 6 bay! We are all very proud of this success!


Well done 6EP!!

MyMaths Champions

A massive well done to these children for completing ALL 17 of their MyMaths homework before they are all due!



It's amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it!!

Getting our design heads on!

Having read further in the novel we know that the Secret Garden is changed drastically after Mary has her first visit to the garden. She is determined to make the garden beautiful again and make it a place where she can relax.


In today's English lesson we designed our own garden's and discussed what changes we would make to the overgrown garden that we have written about previously.






This week we are going to be writing in depth about how Mary has changed the garden in comparison to how the garden looked before Mary took it on as her task. This descriptive piece of writing will be completed as an assessed piece of writings in our APP books.


Lending a helping hand!

Still image for this video
Mrs Leak asked 6EP to help her with her Year Two Science Lesson on a 'Healthy Lifestyle'.
The children in 6EP were given four profiles to bring to life. The children in Year Two will watch these video clips and give their 'clients' some advice on how to make their lifestyles healthier.

Thank you to Muhammad M, Aminah, Zaynah and Abdul-Qaadir for stepping in and doing a great job with the green screen!

Our British Values!

We have been adding to our British Values display. This week we answered the question: Why is it important to work independently?


The children in 6EP came up with some fantastic ideas and are on our display ready for everyone to see!


6EP bringing PEACE to Cedars!

For our Big Inspired Write this week our focus was peace. We discussed why it is important that we have peace and thought about what we could do to make a difference!


Take a look at our new peace display in the Year 6 bay!


I have awarded Kristian Oracko my star of the week award this week due to his fantastic piece of writing on peace. Well done Kristian!


Our descriptive writing!

After creating our garden designs earlier in the week we have been taking extra care with our descriptive writing. We began by describing the door, before describing the garden interiors.

Here are some excellent examples! We can't wait to continue reading The Secret Garden to find out what actually happens when Mary opens the door and goes inside!

By Adam


By Aliyah


By Aresha


By Abdul-Qaadir



The Secret Garden

Miss Philbin has introduced us to a book called 'The Secret Garden' written by Frances Hodgson Burnett.


Today's task was to create our own gardens using a range of different materials. We used: wool, paper, tissue paper, cardboard, pens and pencils. Miss Philbin and Mrs Patel were so impressed with our plans. We will begin using thse plans to create a setting description for our garden's tomorrow.





Take a leaf out of my book...


The children in 6EP have really risen to the challenge. Once the children have read their home reading books, they are required to write a book review..


We have ALREADY filled our first reading tree and Mrs Patel has had to make another one! We have collectively read 32 books in just THREE weeks! How amazing!


I'm so proud of you all!


Miss Philbin.

Exciting update!

Miss Philbin has received a letter from Blue Peter to confirm that they have received our application and watched our video (how exciting). They are going to be reviewing our application and letting us know if we have been successful after October half term! This letter was shared with 6EP - we then decided to write a letter of persuasion to Blue Peter in our English lesson. Both Mrs Leak and Miss Philbin were really impressed with our work!


We accumulated our ideas after asking ourselves three important questions:


What would happen to Cedars if we were chosen to judge the Blue Peter Book Awards?

How would Cedars benefit from becoming judges for the book awards?

Why should Cedars be given this opportunity?


Take a look at our Big Inspired Write display in class!



We worked within our table groups to produce these letters as we all had fantastic ideas to share!


The children were all so excited about the possibility of being given this opportunity and expressed how proud they would be. It would make such a massive difference to our school, and make it EVEN BETTER than it already is!! Hopefully, Blue Peter will recognise our passion and give us this wonderful opportunity!




(What A Good One Looks Like)


Well done 6EP for producing some wonderful writing!



Our application for Blue Peter Book Awards

Still image for this video
Miss Philbin has put Cedars forward to be judges for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2018. If we are chosen we will have to read three short listed books and review them (if we're lucky we might even get to go to the Blue Peter studios) The deadline is 13th October so we'll have to keep our fingers crossed! During our ICT lesson this week Miss Philbin taught us how to use the green screen and create a video for our application!

British Values

Have you seen our British Values display?

During our PSHCE week we were asked various questions related to our British Values, beginning with:


Law - What five rules are important to have at school?

Democracy - What can the school council do for us?

Friendship - What makes a good friend?


Each term we will be tackling questions on our other British Values - keep your eyes peeled!


Miss Philbin.


‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go’ – Dr. Seuss.

Reading is extremly important to help the children deveop their imagination and vocabulary.


Miss Philbin has created a canopy for our reading area. We can now relax and enjoy reading some of our many books.



When you're reading with your children please ensure that you sign their reading record, stating if they struggled with any words or their meanings.


Once children complete their book, they are required to write a book review. This will entitle them to 5 tokens!!


Can you... 'Take a leaf out of my book' ?


Miss Philbin.



Hello and welcome to 6EP's class page.


I'm extremely excited to be guiding the children in my class through their final year at Cedars Primary School!


Class teacher - Miss Philbin

TLA - Mrs Patel

PPA Cover - Mrs Sebborn


What you need to know:


6EP class timetable.


Please ensure that PE kits are brought in every Monday and Wednesday. 


Weekly homework is as follows:



Education City





Homework will be distributed every Friday and must be returned by the following Thursday.


It is of upmost importance that your children complete this weekly homework as it allows us to address any misconceptions that the children may have.


If your children don't have access to a computer, please note that homework club is on Wednesday at 8:15am-8:45am.


Please be aware that I have an open door policy. If you ever have any questions or would like to discuss your child, or any issues they may have, please get in contact with me to arrange an appointment before or after school.


Miss Philbin