Thursday 29th September

From team Swirl How - Summar Iqbal, Qudsiya Akeel, Alisha Hayat, Hannah Khan, Areesha Sarfraz, Raafay Ali, Zara Geloo


Dear mums and dads


Today was journey day ! We walked and walked and walked and admired the view of the country side. We sat and had lunch in the mouth of a cave which was a once in a lifetime experience. After that we climbed up into the Cathedral , which was previously quarried for slate. This is the cave area where Snow White and The Huntsman was filmed, it was where Snow White walked through. From there we carried candles to walk through a very dark tunnel further into the cave. We took the right hand turn which led us to another cathedral which was blocked off. We then went back to the original turn off and took the left hand turn at this point we blew out our candles and walked towards the light at the entrance of the cave.  Following this we made our way back to the minibus to return to Waterpark and at this point it started to hailstone! Good job we had waterproofs!

See you later - alligators !!!!!!!



Wednesday 28th September 

From team Coniston - Rayyan Malik, Saiam Sarfraz, Mohammed Mulla, Hafsah Kashif, Areebah Choudhry, Ismail Adam, Sameer Hussain, Abdul - Qadir Hussain, Mohammed Ali.

Dear mums and dads,

Today has been a wonderful day: we have been on a journey day. We woke up at around 7am and had a wonderful breakfast of cereal, yoghurt, toast and porridge. Later, we went to a old quarry surrounded by pitch black tunnels. We travelled these carefully, excitedly and nervously. Then, we stopped briefly to have some lunch in a cave and continued our journey. After a 5 hour walk we are now ready for our tea (fish stars, chips and beans with sticky toffee pudding for dessert.) We are loving it here and do not want to come home. See here, a  picture of us looking very cheesy! 

Lots of love, 

Team Coniston (wohoo!)

Picture 1

Tuesday 27th

Today has been lots of fun but hard work.  First of all we went kayaking which was very difficult.  Followed by some of us jumping off the jetty into the lake while the others had a dip.We then had the most delicious sandwiches created by our own hands.

Next we did a bit of rock climbing followed by the low ropes and picture challenge.  We can not wait till tomorrow to find out what we are doing. Hope all well at home and we miss you all.

Wetherlam - Umme-, Areeba Shakeel, Umaymah, Aliyah, Uzair, Jamaal. Humaira, Shoaib, Mrs Phillipson and Mrs Fletcher.

Monday 26th September

What an eventful day it has been! We have had so much fun . After arriving at Waterpark we went Kayaking, which made us all laugh. All of our group fell into the lake (which is the third biggest lake in England). 

One group went sailing and two other groups went ghyll scrambling. Tonight we will play games outside in the dark, we will take our torches. 

See you later. 

Brownpike (Almas, Jameel, Wadeeha, Aqeela, Abdul-Aziz, Masuma, Zarah, Alisha)

Welcome to the Waterpark page!


Where: Waterpark, Coniston

When: 26th September - 30th September 2016

Who: Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils (and staff!)

What: Lots of adventurous team building activities.

Why: To build up our leadership and team work skills (and have lots and lots of fun!).

Water Park 2016

Medicines for Water Park must be brought into school before Monday 19th September 2016! 


We all want your children to be safe at Water Park, please give the school time to check any medicines.  


Thank you,

Miss Issa

We will leave messages here while we are away. They will be printed off and displayed in both school offices. 

Initial parents meeting:

Thursday 30th June 9.00am at the Upper School


The Presentation and The Equipment List


As you can see the outdoor and indoor spaces look really very exciting.

Photos from 30.09.14

Photos from 30.09.14 1
Photos from 30.09.14 2
Photos from 30.09.14 3
Photos from 30.09.14 4