PE and Sport premium for primary schools

Cedars Primary School's PE and sport premium allocation for 2015/16 is £10,096.


We spend the money for PE on extra sports coaches and ways to extend our more able pupils. 


The PE subject leadership team identified pupil and staff needs across the school. Then we decided that the best way to raise standards would be to get experts to come into school to teach with the class teachers. This would provide bespoke teaching for our pupils and be part of continuous professional development for staff. 2014 - 15 we focussed on dance and invasion games.


2015-16 we are focussing on gymnastics and OAA. 


Staff confidence is increasing and pupil achievement is too.


We extend our more able pupils by running clubs and entering competitions. There are also sessions run during half term for more able pupils. Pupils are selected to attend and can have their costs subsidised or covered completely.