Nursery Ladybirds

Welcome to

Nursery Ladybirds!



Welcome to all of our Children

and Parents!

The Nursery staff are always here to help with any worries or concerns.





Your Nursery staff are:

Class Teacher: Mrs Baron

Teaching and Learning Assistant: Mrs Hussain

PPA Teacher: Miss Charnley


AM Session —8.30- 11.30am
PM Session—12.15 - 3.15pm

Please be on time! As lateness can cause your child distress.



If you have any questions please feel free to speak to a member of the Nursery staff at the end of the session.


Snack Money
As part of your child’s education this year, they will have a nutritious, daily snack and be taking part in baking activities. They will also be using various malleable resources such as play dough, pasta, rice, gloop, beans and foam etc that need to be replaced on a regular basis. Due to this, we ask for £1.00 per week to help make Nursery exciting and memorable for your child.


Please can you ensure all items of your child’s uniform is labelled clearly. The children do have access to the outdoor provision everyday. Please make sure they have warm, waterproof coats, hats, gloves and scarves, including sensible shoes or wellingtons.

For health and safety reasons jewellery is not allowed!




Your child will bring home a library book.

Please try to spend some quality time together, reading and talking about the book.



Homework Books-Wednesdays

Your child will bring home a homework book. It contains lots of experiences that you and our child can share together. Your child will have fun and gain lots of skills. The book helps encourage home/school links. Please try to spend some quality time together to complete the activities.




Children do not need a PE kit just yet.

Letters will be sent out regarding this at a later date.





In the Early Years at Cedars we learn our Phonics through Jolly Phonics.

There are plenty of resources on line and examples of how to say the sounds online.


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Autumn MTP 1st Half 2018