Family Learning

Family Learning at Cedars

We have a number of events, courses and programmes running for parents throughout the year, and you are most welcome to join us at any which are of interest to you. Mrs Tasneem Khan oversees the various courses on offer and you should speak to her if you are interested in more information.

Maths Course for Parents

This year parents Maths course got under way. This is held every Thursday from 9am until 11am, and the programme lasts for 15 weeks.

Family Language/Literacy Course

A language and literacy course also started on that day and again this lasts for fifteen weeks. This is held at 1pm until 3.30pm every Thursday.

Ladies' Keep Fit

A keep fit class takes place in our school hall every Tuesday, from 5pm until 6pm. This exercise class is free and is suitable for ladies of all ability.

First Aid

We are currently running a first aid class for parents, though this requires regular attendance and it is now too late to join this particular class. However, we run this fairly regularly, so again you should speak to Mrs Khan if you would like to put your name down for the next time this is run.