Class - 4W

Homework and Spellings Grids

Our lessons in April and May


Homework is already in books (extra sheets were handed out to replace lost ones today). I've saved the new Curriculum Overview as well. I've also sent home a poem with questions, as extra holiday homework. We had a poem in last week's reading test and many pupils struggled.


Regarding online homework I've set some on education city but I'm having technical problems with my maths. If I can get it sorted I'll set some there as well, if not have a go at the 2D and 3D shape Year 4 challenges.


Have a great 2 weeks off,


Mr Watkinson

Y4 Music Performance

Y4 Music Performance 1
Y4 Music Performance 2
Y4 Music Performance 3


Music Pics!

The pupils were really pleased to see their families in the audience. Remember there will be one more performance in the summer!


Homework is set in the usual way - in books, on education city and on my maths.


(Also we gave every child the opportunity to either make something for mother's day in Golden Time or take something home to make.)


Have a great weekend,


Mr Watkinson




BRAVE Workshop

Today we have been learning about gangs and extremism. How we can deal with difficult situations and how to have a good decision making process.


Homework is set on Education City and My Maths in the normal way. Homework books handed in on Thursday or before have been checked. Please continue to support your child with their homework, extra homework sheets have been handed out and homework sheets are always saved on this page (see below).


Thank you,

Mr Watkinson

World Book Day in 4W

World Book Day in 4W 1
World Book Day in 4W 2
World Book Day in 4W 3
World Book Day in 4W 4
World Book Day in 4W 5
World Book Day in 4W 6
World Book Day in 4W 7


What a week - just have a look at the photos!


Thank you for all taking the time for coming to parents' evening, if you want to discuss your child's learning any further, or again in a few weeks, let me know.


Homework is set in the normal way. (Mymaths, education city and sheets).


Mr Watkinson


We're back with a bang!


This week we have practised for our music performance (last week of term, date TBC), handed letters to Mrs Truman, been invited to join sports clubs, started our new topic 'Passport to Europe' and completed some of the best writing we have done all year. WOW.


Homework is glued in books (4 weeks), new books have been handed out, reading books have been changed, and new homework has been set online!






It has been a great half term and I hope you have a great holiday. Homework is set in the normal way.


See you on Monday 25th February.


Mr Watkinson

Spring Term February - April


You know the routine by now!


New sheets in books.


Thank you,


Mr Watkinson


(We will be doing tests Monday - Thursday next week. The best way to help is to make sure your child is well rested and has had a large breakfast. Thank you again.)


Same as last week everybody!


Pupils have been completing unfinished homework at school and this is not always practical, if you are struggling to help your child complete their homework please let me know.


Thank you,


Mr Watkinson


As you know homework is already in books. Please support your child to complete this. Spelling tests are Tuesday and homework should be handed in on Wednesday. If they have lost their sheet they can access the sheet electronically below.


Pupils have been completing unfinished homework at school and this is not always practical.


Thank you,


Mr Watkinson


Homework sheets were handed out last week, new online homework has been given and all the books have been sent out. (It is all saved electronically below if you need it.)


I hope you all have a great weekend!


Mr Watkinson

We did it!

We did it! 1


WOW, what a week!


Music was amazing on Monday.

Football was fantastic on Tuesday.

Wallace (and Grommit) were wonderful on Wednesday.

Thursday was Science. (I'm sure it was super!)

And today is Friendly Friday.


I've loved this week and I hope you're children have as well. They are all stars of the week.


(Homework sheets have been sent out and it has been set in the normal way.)


Mr Watkinson



We've had a great term and we've been learning lots! Have a rest, have some fun and enjoy spending time with your families.


As you can see I've attached some holiday homework and an overview telling you what lessons we'll be doing in 4W next half term. I've also set homework on My Maths and Education City.


Have a fantastic break everyone!


Mr Watkinson

Our Class Assembly (14.12.18)

Our Class Assembly (14.12.18) 1
Our Class Assembly (14.12.18) 2
A huge thank you to all the families that could make it. We hope you felt proud. Sorry the pictures haven't come out too well!

What a week!


Monday: Guitar Performance

Tuesday: Reindeer Rumble

Wednesday: Christingle

Thursday: Mrs Clarey's last ever lessons

Friday: Class assembly (and Christmas Jumper Day!)


I hope you like the photos...


(Homework is set as normal.)


Thank you for all your support


Mr Watkinson



Christingle 1
Christingle 2

The Rumble

The Rumble 1
The Rumble 2
The Rumble 3

Guitars (Monday 10th)

Guitars (Monday 10th) 1



Homework is already in their books and new homework is set online.


(On my maths we will be doing statistics after our assessments until the end of term. I have given 2 weeks to complete this homework, I have not taught any statistics yet.)


We have done some assessments this week and we have some more on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Please make sure your child comes to school well rested so they can perform to the best of their abilities.


Thank you,


Mr Watkinson



Homework is already in their books and new homework is set online.


We will also be doing assessments in class over the next two weeks. Please make sure your child comes to school well rested so they can perform to the best of their abilities.


Mr Watkinson


A huge thank you to all families who donated something this week to Children In Need - we made £73 during Tuesday morning playtime alone!!!


It was good to see everyone on Thursday night. I'll get round to all the jobs we talked about ASAP!


Also, new homework is in their books and new homework is set online.


Mr Watkinson


Homework is already in their books, new spellings have been discussed in class and your child should have changed their reading book.

Please remember it is our cake sale on Tuesday and donations are gratefully received.




Mr Watkinson

4W Rememberance Day

4W Rememberance Day 1
4W Rememberance Day 2


A homework sheet was glued in today and set online (mymaths, ttrockstars and education city). Have a great weekend.


Mr Watkinson

Lessons in Y4 November - December

Year 4 Homework November - December


Homework is already set and was put in books on Friday 5th October. If your child has lost their sheet please see below for Autumn 1 sheets. New homework is on mymaths and education city. I have also added next term's homework sheets as well.


Have a great break,


Mr Watkinson

A few from the term this far...

A few from the term this far... 1 Making a light with a switch in DT and Science
A few from the term this far... 2 Exploring stories...
A few from the term this far... 3 Working together to learn more


Homework is already set and put in books. If your child has lost their sheet please see below. I've saved the sheets.




It's Friday again!

A new homework sheet has been handed out and glued into books. I've also saved new homework on my maths and education city. EVERYONE can now log on to My Maths and Education City. (We've checked 3 times!)

Also, keep reading and have a go at putting the spellings into sentences.


Mr Watkinson

Some pupils have lost their homework sheets, so I've put them here...


This week's homework was set and put into books last week, so please help your child to complete that to the best of their abilities.

Many pupils have said they've had trouble logging in to some websites for homework, so this week we helped each other to solve these issues. Only two children seem to think they'll have trouble logging in still, so I've asked the school for new login details.


Any further problems let me know,


Mr Watkinson


New homework sheets have been put into the books. This has spelling and online homework information on as well.

(We've had a few discussions in class regarding logging in, it should all be sorted soon!)




Mr Watkinson


Homework is already in the books and organised online. Let me know if you have any questions.


And remember it is meet the teacher on Monday morning! 


Have a great weekend,


Mr Watkinson

Picture 1

It has been a great week this week in 4W. The pupils seem to have settled in well and we have already done lots of fantastic learning. I've been really impressed with the attitude to work, their desire to improve and how quickly they bring back letters - well done families!


Any questions please find me on the playground, make a note in your child's reading record or make an appointment with me at the office.


Thank you very much,


Mr Watkinson 

First Week Back...

First Week Back... 1
First Week Back... 2
Expert PE teaching and work we can be proud of in the classroom. Well done 4W!

What we'll be learning in Y4 this term