Class - 4W


Homework is already set and was put in books on Friday 5th October. If your child has lost their sheet please see below for Autumn 1 sheets. New homework is on mymaths and education city. I have also added next term's homework sheets as well.


Have a great break,


Mr Watkinson

A few from the term this far...

A few from the term this far... 1 Making a light with a switch in DT and Science
A few from the term this far... 2 Exploring stories...
A few from the term this far... 3 Working together to learn more


Homework is already set and put in books. If your child has lost their sheet please see below. I've saved the sheets.




It's Friday again!

A new homework sheet has been handed out and glued into books. I've also saved new homework on my maths and education city. EVERYONE can now log on to My Maths and Education City. (We've checked 3 times!)

Also, keep reading and have a go at putting the spellings into sentences.


Mr Watkinson

Some pupils have lost their homework sheets, so I've put them here...


This week's homework was set and put into books last week, so please help your child to complete that to the best of their abilities.

Many pupils have said they've had trouble logging in to some websites for homework, so this week we helped each other to solve these issues. Only two children seem to think they'll have trouble logging in still, so I've asked the school for new login details.


Any further problems let me know,


Mr Watkinson


New homework sheets have been put into the books. This has spelling and online homework information on as well.

(We've had a few discussions in class regarding logging in, it should all be sorted soon!)




Mr Watkinson


Homework is already in the books and organised online. Let me know if you have any questions.


And remember it is meet the teacher on Monday morning! 


Have a great weekend,


Mr Watkinson

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It has been a great week this week in 4W. The pupils seem to have settled in well and we have already done lots of fantastic learning. I've been really impressed with the attitude to work, their desire to improve and how quickly they bring back letters - well done families!


Any questions please find me on the playground, make a note in your child's reading record or make an appointment with me at the office.


Thank you very much,


Mr Watkinson 

First Week Back...

First Week Back... 1
First Week Back... 2
Expert PE teaching and work we can be proud of in the classroom. Well done 4W!

What we'll be learning in Y4 this term